World’s First Solar Panel Road Opened In Normandy Village In France!

Great initiative taken by the French government!

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France, in a brilliant move has opened what it claims to be its first public solar panel road in the world. The 1km road was opened yesterday in Normandy Village by French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal. The small route in the village is believed to be covered with 2,800 sq m of electricity-generating panels and have cost around €5m to construct.

Source: electrek

The road, also called as ‘Wattway’ is covered in photovoltaic panel which will transform solar energy into electricity. This road will be used by around 2,000 motorists a day during their 2 year test period and the French officials are hoping to generate enough energy to power the street lighting in the village comprising of around 3,400 residents.

Source: extremetech

This certainly is a great initiative taken by the French authorities and certainly deserves our applause. If the efficiency and reviews are as good as expected, this project will be implemented on a large level in big cities also.

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