World’s First Hand-Painted Film Loses To Coco At The 90th Academy Awards

On an average, the film has 12 hand-painted frames every second.

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Since six this morning, everything is about the Oscars and which films won. Nominated in the category of the Best Animated Feature Film, Dorota Kobiela’s “Loving Vincent”, lost the Academy Award to Disney’s “Coco”.

What made “Loving Vincent” one of the top picks for the award was the fact that it was world’s first hand-painted film. The film had 65,000 frames, all painted by hand in Vincent Van Gogh’s distinctive style.

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Made on a shoestring budget of $5.5 million, Kobiela’s film was the result of 7 long years of hard work. The film was an effort to combine both of Kobiela’s passions, cinema and painting.  “Loving Vincent’s” budget was almost 30 times less than Disney’s “Coco”.

“Van Gogh’s style was perfect for the project; his paintings show all the details of his life, his day-to-day habits, his house, his room, his friends,” said the director while talking to AFP on Sunday, before the Oscar ceremonies in LA.

In 2008, Kobiela and co-director Hugh Welchman won the Oscar for their BreakThru Productions film, “Peter and the Wolf.”

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Talking to AFP about the nomination Welchman said, “We are the underdogs! In our category, it’s normally dominated by Disney and Pixar but I have a feeling we might be one of the big upsets this year.”

The film was in its pre-production stage for 5 years and after that, it took 2 years and 125 artists from across the globe to bring this ambitious film to life.

The 93 minutes long hand-painted film includes representations of some of Van Gogh’s masterpieces like “The Starry Night”.

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“The pace of work was very slow, averaging a quarter of a second of the film a day,” said Kobiela, who invested 7 years in the film.

On an average, the film has 12 hand-painted frames every second. Every artist involved worked on 6 paintings every day.

“Often in animation, we have the problem that facial expressions are limited. But in oil painting, we can show even greater expression if the portrait is painted properly,” she told AFP.

The first of its kind film explores the works and the death (which is often regarded as suicide from a gunshot wound) of this path-breaking 19th-century painter.

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