Here Are 8 Pictures That Will Give You A Sneak Peak Into World's First Gin Spa!

The spa is heaven even for people who don't drink.

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When you think of a spa these are the things that generally come to one’s mind – relaxation, zen-like feeling, positive vibes etc. But after we tell you about this newly opened spa in Scotland, you will also add ‘alcohol’ to your list.

Yes. Scotland has taken the spa business to another level by introducing ‘The Gin Spa’.

Imagine a spa treatment finished with a healthy dose of gin. That’s what ‘The Gin Spa’ is about. Hold on, this does not mean that non-drinkers will have to drop this from their must-go-to spa list, for even the teetotaler can have a great time.

Now we can go on and on about how awesome-sauce the place is. But how about take you through the spa with some pictures at hand to show you how heaven actually could look? Let us then!

1) Welcome to Heaven

One does not need to be dead to go to heaven. Just book a flight to Scotland and visit this little heaven on earth kind of spa. The place guarantees you relaxation in the most tranquil environment ever.

2) Words before Gin will uplift your spirits

The place is a factory house for churning our positive vibes and positive affirmations. Don’t forget to pick your inspirational cards even before you pick your spa package.

3) A healing tea on arrival

The most perfect blend of lemongrass and ginger tea will not just open up your sense but will also heal you. What better a way to begin your spa session than a hot beverage!

4) Complimentary Cocktail

I mean is a Gin spa even complete if not inclusive of a gin-laced beverage! The host being the most considerate kind of souls will offer you a gin cocktail totally on the house.

5) Prosecco while getting a mani-pedi

Oh, the joys of having somebody pamper your hands and feet like they were their own! The most coziest of settings will take you to a zen-like state!

6) Packages Plenty

Remember those tea parties that we all have had as kids in our backyard? Well, those just got real, thanks to the gin spa! Try the ‘Just The Tonic’ package when you visit.

7) Goodie-good experience

Can’t get enough of the spa and want to take the experience home? The Gin Spa’s got you covered. You can purchase their goodies for a blissful experience sitting comfortably at home.

8) Gin-infused food, anyone?

The spa has partnered with a restaurant to serve a five-course gin-inspired meal. Makes it a complete package, right?

I could have almost hopped on the first flight to Scotland had I not had my head in the cloud about The Gin Spa.

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