World’s 1st Ever Floating City Is Planning To Take Shape By Year 2020

The engineers and the architects of the project have already begun to visit the sites.

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As technology is reaching a new level of height every day, little did we anticipate that there would a city that floats on the sea!

Yes, you heard it right! The future beholds a fantasize look of a city that seems to be just a concept. But to everyone’s awe, this concept is now seen materializing and is expected to finish the work by 2020.

The concept was build up by The Seasteading Institute, a San Fransisco-based non-profit venture and is working on it since 2008.

Source: inhabitat

An agreement was signed earlier this year with the government of French Polynesia in order to commence the construction of the first self-sustaining nation states in 2019.

President of the Seasteading Institute, Joe Quirk has outlined his plan to build a community consisting of about a dozen structures -including homes, hotels, offices, and restaurants.

Source: sciencealert

The primary objective of the project is to “liberate humanity from politicians” and “rewrite the rules that govern society”

While the Seasteading has already received seed funding from PayPal founder Peter Thiel, for the next stage of the project, it plans to hold an "initial coin offering". ICO also known as Initial Coin Offering is considered to be an unregulated yet controversial mean of generating money by crowdfunding.

Source: metro

Well, we can’t wait for this city to get constructed and fly there to live in this imaginative world. Watch this video for more information: 

Information source: mirror, independent

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