World Radio Day: 5 Bollywood Movies In Which Radio Played A Major Role

Because radio and Bollywood movies go hand in hand!

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Listing to your favourite songs on a loop can tend to become monotonous at times. But the only way to break this monotony is by tuning to a radio station. Yes folks, when you tune in, only then you realize there exists hell lot of awesome songs-beyond your playlist.

As we celebrate World Radio Day, today, listed out are five good movies that had radio playing a major role in the film.

1. Tumhari Sulu:

Source: hindustantimes

Slightly crazy- slightly calm, Vidya Balan’s role in Tumhari Sulu attempts to break the stereotypes who cage housewife to look for only a specific kind of job. Call it her wit or her sensuous voice, Vidya's character leaves no stone unturned to charm you.

2. Salaam Namaste:

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Independent and full of life, Preity Zinta with her beautiful voice takes the film to a totally new level. Pursuing the career in medical and simultaneously working as an RJ, this girl stands strong against all the storms that come her way.

3. Rang De Basanti:

Remember the last scene between Aamir and Siddharth? Quite an emotional one, right? Though the movie doesn’t revolve around ‘radio’ as a theme, the climax of the movie was shot in the FM station.

4. Lage Raho Munnabhai:

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With her breakthrough voice when she tunes in saying- Good morning Mumbai, the entire city goes to a standstill for a while. With Vidya playing the role of RJ again, it is Sanjay Dutt and Mahatma Gandhi who are seen resolving personal issues of people’s lives- On Air.

5. Radio:

Source: sify

Special mention, obviously. Yes, there was a movie called Radio which starred Himess Bhai and also had a song called- Mann ka radio, bajne de jara!

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