2014 World Champions Crash Out Of The World Cup After Losing Out To South Korea

This is shocking!

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Reigning world champions and world number one football team – Germany, have crashed out of the world cup and we cannot believe it. Spirited South Koreans humiliated Germany with a 0-2 defeat. South Korean players and their fans, even though out of the world cup after Sweden defeated Mexico 2-0, were celebrating like they won the tournament.

This is the most defining moment of World Cup 2018.

What Germany has shown in this World cup, doesn’t come close to what we saw back in Brazil four years back. What is even more humiliating is that the world champions finished at the bottom of the group table.

What the official account tweeted, displayed even they couldn't believe what had transpired.


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So, what led to the ouster of the most powerful footballing nation?

Ill preparations? Poor individual performances? Arrogance? Or just a very casual approach by the team which can be depicted from Joachim Low beach photograph in Sochi just before their second group game. “I’m in control, don’t worry,” the caption read.

Low admitted after the match that the team showed up in Russia with arrogance. “We’ve turned up with a sense of arrogance,” he said. "We thought we could just turn a switch after the bad friendlies.”

It seemed as if it was more of a coaches’ fault than the players. Having tried a younger tier 2 team in the Confederations Cup and won it, Low still decided to go with the more proven team with 8 former world cup winners. The lack of energy was seen in the middle with looming gaps.

The loss to Austria, near win over Saudi Arabia, unconvincing performance in the clashes with Spain and Brazil were red signals that something was wrong. What even worsened the situation is the denial of the coach.

Would the inclusion of Leroy Sane changed the outcome?

Some would argue that it would have. But maybe the problem was not in the team selection, but in the core of the style that Low decided to play in. Some critics had said that Low considered Sane to be too fast and straightforward for his style and that it was his style perhaps which is too slow and complicated.

Wasted chances.

Germany had three clear chances to take the lead but wasn’t clinical enough to finish it.

Leon Goretzka headed the ball towards the goal but Korean goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo made a one-hand save to deny the Germans.

Mat Hummels who was left unmarked in the closing minutes of the game headed a pass, but the ball skidded over the top post.

Korean players that turned the game away from Germany.

Kim Young-gwon, who scored the goal against Germany was hated by his own fans, until yesterday. Last year, Kim had complained that the Korean fans were too ‘noisy’ and ‘frustrating’. The Koreans were angrier after the team lost to Sweden and Mexico.

An ingenious winning goal in the 94th minute against mighty Germany and everything was forgiven and forgotten by the fans.

“I really prayed and prayed for it to be a goal,” said the defender. Talking about all the criticism he received he said, “If I hadn’t had that incident, I may not have scored a goal like today. Fans’ criticism made me improve and work harder.”

Heung Min Son, who plays in the Premier League for Tottenham Hotspurs, further humiliated the holders with a second goal four minutes away.

And that was the end of the world cup dream for the four-time world champions. For the first time since 1938, Germany has been knocked out of the world cup in the group stage itself.

South Korea, though out of the world cup, will cherish this win for ages. While German fans curse their teams' ouster and a virtual end to their footballing dominance of 52 years, South Korea has gained new fans all over the world.

Twitterati was quick to poke fun at the fallen champions.


Image Source: bbc

Image Source: bbc

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Image Source: bbc

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