World Cat Day: It’s Not All Dogs In Bollywood!

Cats are adorable and smart too- they can make your day and bring smiles on your faces. Let’s find out which Bollywood celebrities are cat persons.

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Cats are adorable and smart too- they can make your day and bring smiles on your faces.  While most people prefer dogs over cats, there’s always a difference between a dog lover and a cat lover. Let’s find out which Bollywood celebrities are cat persons, have cats as their pets and also what are there adorable and unique names:

1. Alia Bhatt and her cat Pika

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Alia and her sister Shaheen named her Persian cat Pika, after the Pokémon Pikachu. Alia had two cats named Pearl and Pika but Pearl died last year and now she only has Pika. Alia is a firm believer that it takes less than 30 seconds to be friendly with any animal and she loves Pika’s deep orange – lime eyes. Unlike other cats, Alia says that Pika is very expressive and funny and before going to bed she makes sure that she hugs her cat and makes her happy. Pika is 8 years old and she is friendly with everyone in family. Alia claims that her friends love to play with Pika and she even sleeps with her cat.

2. Zarine Khan and her cat Softy

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Zarine Khan was actually called “Veer” since she saved lots of stray cats. The actress is a true cat person. It is said that Zarine loves her cat and has named her Softy. While she adopted Softy from a street, she now has 11 more kittens in her house which she loves more than anything. Zarine says that cats are irreplaceable in her life.

3. Jacqueline Fernandez and her cat Miu Miu

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Jacqueline’s Miu Miu is all over her Instagram. She always puts cute and adorable pictures with her furry white cat. Be it any photo it receives more than 1 lakh likes within 24 hours of being uploaded. She also posted a video with her cat in which she is dancing to the title track of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The actress adores her pet cat and is well- known for her love of animals. Miu Miu lives with her in Mumbai and Jacqueline claims that her cat teaches her many things about compassion and responsibility!

4. Shilpa Shetty and her pet cat Queenie

Source: bms

Queenie walked into Shilpa’s office on a rainy day, all wet and shivering when she decided to adopt the stray cat. Shilpa earlier had a Persian cat named Simba who was 10 years old, brought home by her sister Shamita. Now the family has 8 cats and their kittens and Shilpa loves them unconditionally. Shilpa loves the mewing and purring of the cats and says that cats never look for anything for return, not even a bath and give you unconditional love.

5. Sunny Leone and her cat Alex

Source: bookmyshow

Sunny has a pet kitten named Alex and is also associated with PETA. Sunny posts her pictures with Alex on social media and she says that she just can’t get enough of the tiny furball. Sunny is a true animal lover, and the actress and her husband also adopted two dogs who are mixed breeds. She has also posted various pictures of Alex while sleeping and says that animals bring positivity in one’s life.

6. Kalki Koechlin and her cat Dosa

Source: lovielimes

Kalki adopted her cat from an agency and named it Dosa! The actress loves her cat and asks her cat for forgiveness since she travels so much for work that Dosa has to stay in one’s of Kalki’s friend’s house and the cat doesn’t like that! The cat actually sulks a lot, Kalki says, and doesn’t spend time with her or eat food for a day or two after Kalki is back. The actress is actually a huge furry fan. She adopted two cats and named one Masala and the other Dosa, since she loves South Indian food. but after sometime Masala ran and Kalki is now left with plain Dosa! Kalki is planning to buy a new cat and we are waiting to hear its interesting name this time. Maybe Sambhar or Rice?

7. Nimrat Kaur and her cat Kitcat

Source: missmalini

Nimrat adopted two stray cats and named them Kitcat (who is the mother) and her son Karamchand. Nimrat loves their purrs and says that cats keep her life full of warmth, making her tired and tough days easy and wonderful once she sees them. Pets mean home to Nimrat and she loves them a lot.

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