Look At World Breastfeeding Week From The Lens Of This Photographer To Realize The Beauty Of It

Who thought an essential, natural process like breastfeeding can look this splendid!

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1st August to 7th August is celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week, with an objective to promote the health of babies and mothers. And to portray this lovely bonding of mother and her baby, photographer Tammy Nicole has beautifully clicked and compiled the images of a mother breastfeeding her baby under her project, Walks of Motherhood.

Hailing from the city of Munich, Tammy is a passionate photographer who believes in exhibiting the real expressions through her lens. Looking at her profile you’ll realize that Tammy is inclined towards captivating pictures of newborn babies, kids, families, maternity and breastfeeding.

Look through her lens and you’ll realize the beauty of every shot that got captured-

Those blues eyes looking at the lens -

The tender touch

Monochromatic yet colourful

Love for all

Diadem of responsibility

Pink is the colour of love and care

The gentle feel over the hammock

Playing with the shadows

Like mother like daughter

All images sourced from tammynicolephotography.

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