Women Were Asked For Their Reaction If Rahul Gandhi Proposed To Them. Here's how They Responded!

The Answer Is A Resounding NO!

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To say that Rahul Gandhi is having a bad time would be an understatement.

The scion of the Indian National Congress was pegged as the “next big thing” some 12 years back but despite being an integral part of the UPA Govt. in an unofficial manner, he could never get out of the shadow of his mother. Add to that the repeated bashing in elections, both National and Regional, and his penchant for silly and sometimes downright embarrassing rhetoric, and you have a man whose political career, despite the impeccable pedigree attached to his name, never really took off!

It comes as no surprise then that the youth today does not see him in the high regard as he was once pegged to have.

Proof of this? A quirky little video by a YouTube channel called ShitChat where women were asked for their response if Rahul Gandhi proposed to them. The answers, well, were not kind.

From a woman suggesting that she would respond to him by “asking him to f**k off!”  to another saying that she’d rather die than marry him, things don’t look very well if the said day ever came for Mr. Gandhi.

There were suggestions galore for Rahul too. From working on his IQ, to toning down the “dumb” nob, there’s A LOT of food for thought!

Perhaps it would suit him to watch the video, eh?

Check out the hilarious video below:

Title Image Source: YouTube

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