In Putin's Russia, Women Are Using Sex In Place Of Currency To Pay For Manual Labour

Residents are being offered the chance to exchange their services like dog-walking, for sex

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Now, this may seem a little like a story from a usual sex/comedy movie, but it's not. This is a harsh reality. 

Russian women, in exchange for manual labour and household services provided by plumbers, car mechanics, electricians, handymen and other labourers, are offering sex in place of currency due to the country’s economic struggles.

A report claimed that the residents are being offered the chance to exchange their services including the installation of new furniture and dog walking for sex.

According to a report published by the dailymail, the new ‘trend’ in Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, is blamed on falling income levels in the country led by president Vladimir Putin.

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“Due to the economic crisis, sex is being used to pay for traditional services. There are even are special online communities for this purpose,” a report published in the dailymail said.

It is astonishing that this new ‘trend’ is being advertised online. Women from Buryatia are flooding the digital communities looking for men. And not to mention, there is no paucity of men who are ready to work for the payment offered. Sad to say, the reason behind a trend like this thriving in the region is due to failing economy, shortage of cash and massive loans.

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For instance, a female took to the website that has been specifically created for the advertisement of the trends, ‘looking for a man who can do the wiring in my flat. 2 rooms. Sex 2-3 times in return. Anonymous. Girl, 26,’ as per reports by the dailymail. In response to the girl’s post, nine men offered their services.

In one case, a man named Artur Konstantinov, from the regional capital Ulan-Ude offered to deliver stacks of dry logs for firewood and asked to be paid according to the conditions implied by the community.

In another case, a 23-year old woman offered a date in exchange for new furniture. “Will meet with a guy in exchange for a new sofa. Girl, 23. If you want, 'like'. Anonymous”, the girl posted. Her post had 21 likes.

Women choose to remain anonymous but are ready to abide by the conditions in return for household services.

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Last month, a man called Dmitry Trifonov advertised all sorts of services including wiring, electrical, putting together furniture, fixing home appliances, setting up PC, and plumbing in exchange for sex.

Another case depicted Alexey Drobysh who offered taxi rides in the city in return for sex.

Information source: dailymail and oddnaari

Title image: Forbes

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