A Women In Karnataka Left Everyone In Awe When She Dug A 60-Feet Deep Well All By Herself

A woman in Karnataka dug a 60-feet deep well all by herself in order to fetch water for her trees. She did it alone as she did not have money to hire workers.

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Gouri S Naik, a 51-year-old lady residing in Ganesh Nagar, Sirsi of Uttara Kannada district left everyone in awe when she dug a 60-feet deep well on her own in order to fetch water for her coconut areca plants and banana trees.

This valiant lady decided to take such an extraordinary step of digging the well alone because she couldn’t afford to spare the money for a worker. After a day and night struggle of 3 months, the well was dug deep enough to reach the water reservoir.

Gouri is a daily wage worker, a mother of one and a member of Dharmastala Rural Development Scheme. Despite that, she managed to dig the well for 5-6 hours on a daily basis. Her hard work and persistent efforts paid her with 7 feet of water. It was only in the last leg of digging when she had to take the help of some ladies of her town to clear off the debris.

Her unwavering attitude and vigorous efforts are now tagged under the name of ‘Lady Bhagiratha’

Source: indiatimes

"When Gouri came to the meeting, she would complain about body ache. But we did not know about her work in digging a well. It was only when we visited her home that we found out what she was doing," scheme officer Vinoda said in an interview with the Times of India.

Information Source: Indiatimes

Image Source: Indiatimes

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