The Moms Who Made MOM: Have You Seen This Documentary About the Women Achievers From ISRO?

Three women who led the Indian Mars Mission like pros are bringing women on top in science.

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) created history with its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) in a one of its kind endeavor by the renowned institute.

India had become the first nation to have put a satellite in Mars' orbit on its maiden attempt and its torchbearers held a pleasant surprise!

Amidst all the patriarchy and sexism that has engulfed the nation, the MOM mission was a brainchild of ambitious women scientists.

As the countdown went 3 2 1, saree clad ladies jumped in joy at the successful launch of the rocket.

A Science Documentary Producer, Emily V Driscoll released a documentary featuring three female Indian scientists who were an integral part of ISRO's iconic Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) but were somehow not in the historic picture that went viral back in 2014. 

Source: Post-Gazette 

Titled, Breakthrough: Snapshots from Afar, Driscoll's film shows three ISRO employees, Nandini Harinath, Seetha Somasundarum and Minal Rohit share details from the MOM mission who were at the helm of the successful execution of the project. The three women share their respective thoughts on the idea and ambition of the mission and the overwhelming emotions that paved way after its final launch.

Source: India Today 

Watch the documentary, here:

Title image: Post Gazette 

Information Source: India Today

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