This Woman Gives A Befitting Reply To The Pervert Who Masturbated At Her During An Ongoing Concert

Meghna posted this account on Facebook and the comments were as filthy as the pervert's act.

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If you ever had any intense conversations with your female friends,  you will realize the problems, they have to go through when they go out in public. Ogling eyes, judgemental looks, perverts scanning them and what not! Another thing that they've faced, over the years, is being masturbated at public space. Yes. Just talk to them, once! I'm pretty sure very few will admit it. 

Delhi-based girl Meghna Singh, a student of Miranda House College is one of the brave girls who has raised her voice against perverts. Meghna was attending singer KK's concert with her friends. It was all good and okay, till then! But once she reached her home, she was shocked to see semen stains on her jeans. Furiously, she clicked a picture of the jeans and posted it on Facebook along with a hard hitting caption.

This is her post:

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While the post went viral as soon as it was updated, but the comments were as disgusting as the pervert's act. MCPs termed it as a normal thing and started making jokes about the whole incident. They even accused Meghna of exaggerating the whole story. 

While Meghna is staying indifferent to the hate comments, but the whole incident and people's reaction about it, says a lot! 

Is this the world, we want or mothers and sisters to live in? We just can do better, men! We can be better!

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