Woman Becomes Millionaire For A Few Minutes After A Goof-Up By Financial Consultant

The money was meant to be for another woman having the same name.

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Ellen Fleming, a 26-year-old woman from Boston, became a millionaire for just a few minutes after a goof-up by the financial consultant of TD Ameritrade.

Ellen, on Wednesday afternoon, reported that, she received a voicemail from the financial consultant of the company that her account was credited with an amount.

Ellen she went on to open the company’s application on her phone shortly after. She was astounded to see the credit amount of $1.1 million instead of $50 that she left in her account.

Ellen said that she thought about quitting her job and repaying her student's loan in that instance itself. But instead of doing that, Ellen informed the consultant about the goof-up.

The money was to be transferred originally to a woman having the same name, but who lived in Florida.

Ellen in jest said that she would like to be referred as “one-time millionaire” in her obituary.

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