This Woman Wrote A Letter To Company Regarding Sharpeners For Left Handed People & The Response Was Heartwarming!

Speaking up for something she felt would make a difference in her child’s life, actually changed this mother’s life for good.

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Most of the times, we can’t find solutions to our small issues and problems because we don’t tend to talk about them. Sometimes speaking up for yourself can actually create an impact not just on our lives but also on the lives of people living around us.

Shweta Singh, mother of a 4-year-old left-handed girl thought that it was absolutely normal to be a lefty. She didn’t really think about the problems associated with left-handed people until her toddler started facing problems with simple things.

Shweta recently took to Facebook to share a simple incident.

One day after school, her daughter was really sad as she could not sharpen her pencils as well as the other children her age could. While most of us would dismiss this incident as something childish, Shweta realised that for a 4-year-old, not being able to do something everyone else around her easily did, this must be disturbing.

After a bit of research she found out that since most of the sharpeners are made according to the needs of right-handed people, it is difficult for the left-handed people to use them. The only left-handed sharpeners available online were really expensive.

But instead of succumbing to the situation and buying the only option available to her, she decided to do something about it, something permanent. Shweta wrote to Hindustan Pencils, one of the leading stationery brands of India, and told them about the problem her daughter was facing.

Within a week, she received a sharpener specially designed for left-handed writing skills, along with a letter that said that Hindustan pencils will soon be producing these sharpeners for the regular market.

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Yes, it really is that simple, you just need to speak up about your problem and your voice will be heard.  

Here's the Facebook post:

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