The Winterfell Cafe At Srinagar Is A Must-Visit For Every 'Game Of Thrones' Fan

The cafe on the banks of the Dal Lake is fast becoming the 'it' place in Srinagar.

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On a scale of one to writing a song only about Peter Dinklage, how much of a Game of Thrones fan are you?

Two hardcore Thronies Kamran Nisar and Ummar Nisar, are already giving you a run for your money, literally.

The Kashmiri youngsters have turned their GoT fan status into a legit enterprise, with the Winterfell Cafe in Srinagar.

A perfect example of passionate fandom combined with the entrepreneurial spirit, this cafe on the banks of the famous Dal Lake is fast becoming the hotbed of the coolest events in Srinagar.


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Memorabilia from the Seven Kingdoms meet Kashmiri artistry in the warm interiors of Winterfell Cafe.


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They even have the Iron Throne, fellas!

And, of course, scrumptious food!

If nothing else tempts you, just LOOK AT THIS VIEW!

It is still tourist season in Kashmir, so make sure your trip to Srinagar includes a visit to this amazing place. Although, we wouldn't mind a visit during the actual winter too!

Check out Winterfell Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.

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