Strawberries, Cream And A 12-Pound Award: The Legacy Of The 140-Year-Old Wimbledon Tournament

This jaw-dropping history and tradition of Wimbledon tennis tournament will definitely blow your mind.

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The epoch-making Wimbledon tennis tournament has been kick-started. The first day witnessed the immense presence of fans at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, to be a part of this legendary event.

The first day also beheld the two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova making her way to the second round after beating Johanna Larsson 6-3 6-4.

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The Wimbledon tennis tournament is the oldest tennis championship in the world. It began way back in 1877. It is quite interesting that Wimbledon was held so that the All England Club could pay for the repair of the pony roller needed to maintain the lawns!

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The first ever Wimbledon tournament attached 22 players, who paid one guinea (one-quarter ounce of gold) to enter. The first Wimbledon winner, Spencer Gore received 12 guineas in prize money and a silver challenge cup.

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Since then, things have changed a lot and in 2017, the winner of Men and Women’s singles will get £2.2 million each.

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Wimbledon still follows its 140 years of leagues through the Slam, which are only contested on grass to a strict dress code for competitors and the eating of strawberries and cream, and royal patronage for the event itself.

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Such a grand sporting event calls for extraordinary logistics. There is no room for even a single mistake. A staff of over 6,000 is required to take care of the Championships, including 250 ball-kids, and 360 umpires and line officials.


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