Will Men Take The Responsibility Of Birth Control?

Advances in science are making this possible

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Traditionally, birth control is responsibility of women. Women had been using birth control pills, copper T and surgery like tubal ligation. They have to bear the agony these methods. Like birth control pills are associated with weight gain, mood imbalance and hormonal disturbance in few.

While men can adopt methods like using condom and surgery like vasectomy. Research was ongoing to find out an effective way of suppressing sperm production without causing much side effects. Condoms were not popular as its usage would reduce sexual pleasure in some. And yes vasectomy is surgery, even though minor. Men have to take two small surgical incision, wear tight underpants and forget about playing football for two three week after surgery.  Recently hormonal injections are being developed for men. The study regarding this was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism by the Endocrine Society. It included men aged 18-45 who had been in monogamous relationships for at least a year and whose partners had agreed to take part. The men's sperm counts were checked before, during and after study. They then had two hormone injections (progesterone and a form of testosterone) every eight weeks, and were monitored for up to six months until their sperm count fell to under a million. These injection offered 96% protection from birth control. These were also associated with side effects like acne, increased libido and depression in few. The clinical trial had to be stopped early because of side effects. Still men preferred these injections over other methods.

This raised question who should bear the grunt of birth control: Men or Women? This has to be decided by mutual consent, as no method is perfect. Birth control pill may disfigure your partner and make her really moody. For temporary birth control, men can use condoms and women can use birth control pills. For permanent birth control, vasectomy and tubal ligations are options for men and women respectively. Readers should consult doctor before adopting any method.

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