Returned Back To Pakistan But Words Did Hurt Him: "I'm Not A Man Of Steel" Says Fawad Finally!

Made a lot of friends here, still in touch with Bollywood says he!

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Politics and Bollywood might be a class apart from each other, but here in India they go hand in hand and if it circles around the sensitive issues pertaining to Pakistan, swords come out and actors get banned!

After the unfortunate Uri Attacks in 2016, the journey in Bollywood for Pakistani artists went all South with the unreasonable ban on them.

And more than anyone, the heartthrob of millions of Indians, Fawad Khan got caught in the middle of the fire, with the entire MNS-ADHM hoopla! Now a lot of time has gone by and it is water under the bridge for Fawad I guess!

The talented actor from across the border recently opened up about his feelings about this incessant animosity between India and Pakistan and how it affected him.

In the latest interview to a Pakistani newspaper, he said,

“Obviously, I am not a man of steel. People's words don't affect me. They might hurt me. But I am becoming immune to it as the time goes by.”

The Khoosurat actor has had an amazing career, however short it might have been, and made a lot of friends in B-town.

“I’m still in touch with a lot of my friends there. Nothing’s really changed. I have no expectations from them, and that’s what I think has developed this camaraderie. Even if I don’t work with them ever again, I’ll still always have love and regard for them, and I assume that’s how they feel as well. That’s why we’re still in touch. We even make plans to meet, to catch-up.”

On being asked whether it is a full stop for him here, came the curt reply, "Wherever the wind blows me, I'll go! My eventual goes is to gain enough experience to finally produce something on my own.”

Well, that better be true, Fawad! No doubt India misses you!

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