Here’s Why Sanjay Dutt Refused The Gift He Received From A Dead Fan

The lady died on January 15, 2018 and was an ardent fan of Sanjay Dutt.

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We all at some point of time have been a ‘jabra fan’ of one celebrity or another. Ardent fans across the globe believe in doing crazy stuff for their favorite celebrity. This time it’s a lady from Mumbai who went a little too ahead of what one would’ve ever imagined. After her death, left all her belongings for Sanjay Dutt. Yes, she gave all her property to her favorite Sanju Baba!

Bollywood actor Sanjuy Dutt came across a very warm yet eerie ‘fan moment’ when he received a gift from a lady who died at the age of 62 in the month of January.

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Nishi Harishchandra Tripathi from Mumbai left all of her belongings with a letter which clearly stated that she is leaving behind her valuables for the actor. she also had him as her nominee for her account and the safe deposit box at the Bank of Baroda, Walkeshwar.

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Though the actor was deeply humbled on receiving such a warm gesture, Dutt declined to be the recipient of this gift.

Sanjay told the bank,

We are overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the gesture of the fan. I am not personally acquainted with her and never met her. So I waive my rights as a nominee of the account and the [safe deposit] locker.

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Subhash Jadhav, Sanjay’s lawyer told the BBC that Dutt was surprised when the bank informed him that Tripathi had made him the nominee of her savings account and the safe deposit locker valuables.

As Sanjay had no idea who this lady was and had never met her before, receiving a will from such a die-hard fan didn’t seem nice to go for this.

"As actors, we are used to fans naming their children after us, chasing us down the street and even giving us gifts. But this has shocked me. I will not be claiming anything. I did not know Nishi and I am very overwhelmed by the entire incident to speak about it," the actor said.

Mr Jadhav, the lawyer said they had communicated to the bank that they will "adhere to any legal proceedings necessary to transfer the money and valuables back to the [Tripathi's] family.

According to Mumbai Mirror reports,  Nishi died on January 15 from a terminal illness. She was a homemaker residing with her 80-year-old mother Shanti, and siblings Arun, Ashish and Madhu. She with her family stays at Triveni Apartments at Malabar Hill in a 3-BHK flat that approx. measures 2,500 sq ft with an estimate cost of Rs 10 crore.

Information source: mumbaimirror, bbc

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