Why Maggi Is “Tasty Bhi, Unhealthy Bhi”!

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Maggi has made a strong comeback in India, and people still consume them without knowing the harmful effects of these 2 minute noodles! Since Maggi is a savior of hunger for more than half population of our country we’ll tell you whether they are really safe to eat on a daily basis or whether you should be more careful about what you eat. Just read the following reasons and conclude yourself!

1. Maggi is double deep fried to give it that “Non-sticky” appearance


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For that waxy and non-sticky appearance, the ingredients are deep fried not once, but twice! Since the product does not have an oily appearance we don’t realize it. The excess fat in the noodles is what gives them the waxy appearance and prevents them from sticking together while the product is hot. Now, this excess fat creates those rolls around your waistline. You can also check the ingredient behind the Maggi pack which says, “Edible vegetable oil” but we don’t see the oil at all when we cook it so where is it?

The oil is actually used in flash frying the product.

2. Maggi is made from “All-purpose refined flour” [Maida] in India.


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What is all-purpose refined flour? The flour is essentially whole wheat stripped off all its fibre and nutrients, till what is left behind is smooth flour which has just simple carbs that is directly equivalent to sugar. Simple carbs, when consumed in excess have a tendency to accumulate around the abdomen as fat.

One can again check by just turning around a pack of Maggi and take a look of ingredients. The first ingredient is wheat flour, so how is wheat flour Maida? Because wheat flour means Atta in India!

The words “wheat flour” or “Refined wheat flour” or “All-purpose flour” refers to Maida! Atta is always referred as “Atta” or “Whole wheat flour”. Now another example of this can be Maggi’s Atta Noodles. On Maggi’s Atta noodles it is written “Atta”


Source: asmhny3005

If both of them were the same, they would have been written in the same way as well!

3. Maggi is very rich in Sodium


Source: transformpilates

Maggi contains a high amount of salt and is very rich in Sodium. Since salt is an excellent flavor enhancer and really helps bring out that amazing Maggi taste, the effects afterwards will be water retention that causes puffiness of the face and body, dehydration and hypertension.

The amount of sodium written in Atta noodles is 46% and is more than the normal level one should consume!

Three different types of salt are mentioned in the packet and salt is nothing but sodium!

So perhaps the next time you should invest your 2 minutes in making something more healthy!

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