Why It Is Difficult To Be A Morning Person And How To Change That

We have all read articles on how-to be a morning person and how to wake-up early with the sun. But did anybody tell you why is it difficult to wake up early

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We have all read articles on how-to be a morning person and how to wake-up early with the sun. But did anybody tell you why is it difficult to wake up early in the morning and start off your day in the brightness of the sun?

You’re a night crawler

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Your body is more geared to working productively all through the late hours of the night. This can be because your body is accustomed to this habit of crawling late under the quilt than what you should normally do and so your body’s circadian rhythm is more centered on the night-time.

How can you change this?

You can change this behavior based on past experiences and practices only by developing new experiences and practicing it daily. Try to wake-up early and sleep earlier and in turn try to keep your sleep cycle intact and in a regular loop.

Environmental factors affect the quality of your sleep

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The unnatural stimulation from different sources of light at the night hours can disturb your sleep schedule. Caffeinated beverages and eating similar foodstuff can be a cause behind your late and light sleep. Not getting a sound sleep because of it can be a big reason as to why you cannot wake up early, and also because you haven’t slept enough.

How can you change this?

You can avoid drinking caffeinated beverages or any of the foodstuff that will make you devoid of your sleep. You can avoid using your cell-phones or laptops just before your sleep, because the artificial lights that they emit can cause damage to the quality of your sleep.

You wake-up in the middle of your sleep

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If you are hungry or dehydrated, chances are that you can wake up in the middle of the night to quench your thirst or to feed your hunger. There can also be other emotional factors affecting your sleep, which can be a major reason why you don’t get enough of it and why you cannot wake up early on time, in a need to get some more sleep.

How can you change this?

Waking up in the middle of the night can be a reason of why you cannot wake up on time. Keep yourself hydrated and full throughout the day and not just before the night. If you drink a lot of water or eat a lot of food before sleeping, you will have to wake-up to go to the bathroom, which will again make you sleep more during the morning hours.

Lack of physical activity

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Inactivity throughout the day can help you get lazier. Physical activity, similar to mental activity, plays an important role in your quality of sleep. If your day was a lousy one and you didn’t exercise or workout, chances are that you will lay around all day and all night and that will in turn make it difficult for you to wake up early.

How can you change this?

Physical activity is as important as mental activity. If you work-out for some time during the day, your body will require rest and that will make you sleep early and wake up early. You would stay fit and healthy.

Set your goals high and keep your problems at bay,

And sleep your worries away!

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