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India and indians are hugely connected with what they wear be it a simple saree or a salwar kameez.Today we'll tell you the reasons that why Indian wear is best

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India is always known for it's versatility and individuality. While the country's greatness lies in many factors, one such factor is the ethnic wear of india. India and indians are hugely connected with what they wear be it a simple saree or a salwar kameez. As it goes "If women is a gift, then saree is the most beautiful gift wrap." Today we'll tell you the reasons that why Indian wear is considered the best.

1. Because It's Unique

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The top most reason is that you will never find such dressing anywhere in the world. The history and the respect go hand in hand when it comes to Indian dressing. Indian wear is old and unique. While our values, traditions and cultures can't be forgotten, and so can't be dressing!

2. Because It's Flawless

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In India, the whole body is covered to show respect. Not only that, but the dresses cover all the flaws of human beings. Be it a saree that covers the whole body of a women and still it looks so feminine or kurta pajamas for men who look strong and powerful and yet so respectful.

3. Because It's Always Trending

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Indian wear is the trend setter for so many styles and it never gets old. You always have options like wearing a simple kurti, anarkalis, sarees or lehangas. Everything is unique and trend setting in their own ways.

4. Because You Have Endless Options

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For having that cute and chic look young girls can wear lehangas in which they will look like princesses and not only this you can always mix and match your skirts and top with any fabric and colors you want. Who says we don't have dresses for cocktails and ceremonies? Our lawn suits will rock the party and our sarees in different designs, shades, patterns, styles and fabrics are there to back it up!

5. Because It's Beautiful

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Nobody will end up crying or cribbing because the important part is that it brings out the beauty within us. The positive vibes you'll get will match nothing. The main thing is that beauty comes within us and apart from looking gorgeous it will take out the inner beauty in you.

6. Because It's Comfortable

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You should always wear what's comfortable, and indian wear will always provide you that. Right from the airy lungi for summers to long kurtis of silk in winters it will give you diverse options and are tailor made to suit any age. A dress for an age, a dress for season and a dress for every occasion, isn't it amazing???

7. Because It Suits Everyone

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YUP! They suit anyone and everyone. You don't need to worry if you are fat or too skinny, if you are tallest in your family or the shortest one, if your skin tone is wheatish or you have a dark complexion; Indian wear suits each of those and is far away from all these things and misconceptions.

So just be proud and if you have not tried, do it and feel the difference!

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