Why Everybody Hates Apple AirPods: The Kardashians Of Tech World

This Happens when AirPods get Vanished.

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Apple created a furore the world over with the launch of the iPhone 7. But what came as a shock to many was the introduction of a new kind of Earphones.

Dubbed the “AirPods”, these are wireless, read Bluetooth (so revolutionary, no?), earphones. The price for this amazing product is $159. In Indian Rupees alone, it will come around to Rs. 15,400. Only.

The lack of chords immediately raised concerns about the disappearance of said earphones. And that is not something humanity takes lightly.

Source: DM

Needless to say, this was not a good idea.

Don’t believe us? Twitter stands as proof!

Even Lucius Malfoy had a thought on this wizardry!

Good luck, Apple!

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