Why Does Toothpaste Have A Color Code And What Does It Really Mean?

There are certain color codes or eye marks at the back of toothpaste which certainly have something to do with the consumers.

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We all brush our teeth regularly and buy toothpastes, but there are certain color codes or eye marks at the back of toothpaste which certainly have something to do with the consumers. Have you really checked what color code your paste has and what does it actually mean? Let’s see what the colors are for.

https://d13yacurqjgara.cloudfront.net/users/563347/screenshots/2011721/toothpaste_pres_800.pngSource: dribbble

So do they indicate the ingredients as depitcted in the pic above?

No. The colored squares on the tubes have no relationship with the content of the toothpaste. They are known as ‘color marks’ or ‘eye marks’, which are articles of the manufacturing process. These marks show whether the packet can be either folded or cut as interlocking units stream through machinery at a high speed and the markings can be seen using light beam sensors.

Does this blue mark tell us anything about what's in the toothpaste?Source: thesun

To really know the ingredients one can just read the them at the back of toothpaste and it will provide more than enough information of the toothpaste.

So what are these Eye Marks for?

Eye mark is a rectangular print that is identified by an electric eye and is mostly found on the edge of web stock, since it helps the packaging machine to know where to cut the tube. It can be read only by an electric machine. One can see these eye marks not only on toothpastes but on several other products too.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/nintchdbpict000252020404.jpg?w=960Source: thesun

The toothpaste color code is meant for package matching and different colors are meant for different types of packaging or sensors and not the content. So when the name of the toothpaste comes on top, different colors are interpreted to give different commands to the machine.

http://www.briteandbubbly.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Colgate.jpgSource: briteandbubbly

One graphic was made and circulated on the internet which said that they indicate contents which was not at all true, and now you know why!

Title image: Singaporeseen

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