Why Do We Get Goosebumps? Read On To Know!

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We all get “goosebumps” while watching a scary movie or when we are truly shocked or scared. It might be dring doing something for the first time or waiting for exam results, but we all have experienced them once in a while. But do you know how we get them?

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Goosebumps are caused when stressful experiences like feeling a sudden cold, perceived threat, intense emotions are experienced by our brain. When we experience the such situations, our nervous system sends message to nerve endings that trigger the arrector pili muscles which cause goosebumps to appear.

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In humans goosebumps are pretty useless since we do not have hair on our skin. Animals with long hair are protected by goosebumps since they protect them against cold temperature by providing more insulation to the body.

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Goosebumps still are considered pretty good indicators of our surroundings that tell us if we are emotionally drained, nervous, too chilly or overextended. Know more by watching this video:

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