Why Big Brothers Are The Best Brothers

Big brothers have always been an asset to the family as well as a support system to the sibling.we have this list of the best things about having a big brother

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Big brothers have always been an asset to the family as well as a support system to the sibling. Having a brother is like having a best-friend who can never leave you. So after the best things about having a sister, we have this list of the best things about having a big brother just for you:

1. He is like your lifeguard

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Be it 4 AM or a 12 PM outbursts, you can always run to him being all vulnerable and he won’t judge you. He will listen patiently and he will console you no matter how sad or devastated you are. He will be there through every thick and thin.

2. He will give you the best advice in the world

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No one can ever compare to an advice from a big brother. Even if it won’t make sense to you, it will give you a different sense of satisfaction and contentment which will make you feel less burdened from your problems.

3. You can irritate him and he won’t mind

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You can irritate him to infinity and beyond and he won’t bat an eye on you. He would enjoy to see you try hard to make him go crazy. Until, he irritates you and it cannot get worse.


4. You get to share the inside jokes

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You can share inside jokes with him that nobody in the world knows and you can laugh yourself out and he won’t judge!

5. He will make your every-day fun-day!

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Be it just breakfast on a Tuesday morning or a supper on Thursday evening, he will make it fun for you.

6. He is the coolest person you will ever meet

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He knows everything you want to know about and he is the coolest person ever. And to add cherry on top, you get to laugh a lot because apparently he has the best sarcasm in the world!

7. He will be your life-saver in every family-function

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Yes, he will save your life and you can always look up to him while everyone would be busy with the function. He will save you from all the aunties and uncles and their weird questionnaire.

8. He is like your private bodyguard

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He will protect you from all the bad guys and all the bad people. He will make sure you always stay safe and nobody hurts you. (And sometimes he would also protect you from your mom).

9. He will tolerate all your tantrums

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He will tolerate all your tantrums and he will handle you when you are at your worst and when you are complicated.

10. He will always support you

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Even if you are wrong, you will have him to save your back. He is going to support you with everything you choose in life and that is what makes him different from the whole family!

11. You will share a different kind of an understanding

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With him, you share a different kind of understanding that you cannot share with anybody else. And the best part is, sometimes you don’t even need words to communicate.

12. He will be everything and everyone for you

Source: hercampus

Be it best friend, lover, mortal enemy or any super-hero, he will play every significant role in your life. If you have him, you probably need nobody else.

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