Move Over White Rice And Black Rice, Red Rice Just Made Its Way To Satiate Palates!

This rice used for holy purposes until now can also be used for a delicious meal.

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You heard it right. Gone are the days when only white rice was used for every rice based dish. We’re now racing down the shelves of the supermarkets to grab our packet of brown rice, black rice and the latest to join the list - red rice.

The red rice is a variety of rice that is coloured by its anthocyanin content. It is grown and forms to be a staple food in the regions of Thailand, France, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and even in parts of Kerela. However, it’s the Bhutanese red rice that stands to be popular of the lot.

For centuries it was a part of the Chinese cuisine used as a food preservative, food colorant and even as an ingredient in the rice rice wine. Nutty in flavour, this rice is generally eaten unhulled or partially hulled for its higher nutritional value. The manganese and magnesium content in this variety of rice helps in migraine, lowers blood pressure and the risks of heart attack. It also laden with selenium and fibre which aids the digestion system while the former element protects the body against infections. This rice is much recommended for diabetics because of it low glycemic index which regulates blood sugar. It is also known for its benefits of controlling high cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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How to cook red rice, you ask? Well, for starters, you can cook it like your normal white rice and serve it with a curry or gravy. A notch up and you can experiment by making a humble masala khichadi or even a creamy red rice risotto. You can find the recipe here. One can also use the red rice instead of white rice for our traditional breakfast menu of dosas and idlis. And a delighful red rice pudding as a dessert can surely have you wanting for more!

Creamy Red Rice Risotto Source: sanjeevkapoor

With celebrity chefs experimenting and using this whole grain extensively, it’s not long that we would find it to be a household feature. You can find quite a few brands like Dhatu Natural, 24 Organic Mantra, etc in the market and can easily buy it online on Amazon. The price ranges from Rs 80-90 for a kilogram.

So what why wait and be late in trying out this wholesome super food!

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