When Jon Snow Got Caught Up Just Like Abhimanyu From Mahabharat

Battle of the Bastards was one of the most epic war scenes in the history of television and was inspired by real life wars as stated by the makers.

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Battle of the Bastards was one of the most epic war scenes in the history of television and was inspired by real life wars as stated by the makers.

“The most logistically complicated thing I’ve ever been involved in,” is how director Miguel Sapochnik described making Sunday’s absolutely incredible Game of Thrones episode. The director gave Entertainment Weekly, a candid interview that lend an direct perspective to the Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton face-off.

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said the team had looked to real-life historical battles for staging this.“Initially we based BOB on the battle of Agincourt which took place between the French and English in 1415. But as needs changed, as did budgets, it became more like the battle of Cannae between the Romans and Hannibal in 216 BC.” They said after the episode.


But we found a similarity at home. People who have seen both war sequences will agree that the mid battle scene seemed very much inspired by the Chakravyuh in Mahabharat.

It began when all of Jon's men including Tormund, Davos and Wun-Wun are on the battlefield with him… just as Ramsay wanted it. Smalljon Umber lead his men to form a huge wall of shields around the Stark forces, boxing them in and steadily tightening the space, marching forward with sharpened spears. Their only way out is backward, but even then, they'll have to climb a wall of corpses, a wall commanded by Ramsay's forces. The crescent shaped wall is a popular military tactic formation.

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The odds were against Jon and severely stacked against the Stark loyalists, with Tormund getting ruthlessly beaten by Smalljon Umber, and Jon himself nearly suffocating under the weight of so many bodies.

In Mahabharat, Drona had designed this configuration in order to capture Yudhishthira. On the side of the Pandavas, only Krishna and Arjuna were aware of the secret technique to break formation.

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Inside the Chakravyuha, the trapped Abhimanyu went on a killing rampage. He killed tens of thousands of Kaurava soldiers and attempted to break through the Kaurava formation from the inside. But because he had never learnt to escape the formation, he was trapped upon entry and fought alone and was killed.


There may be a great deal of similarity in the war scenes, but the ends were thankfully different where Sansa and the Knights of the Vale arrived with Littlefinger and Jon climbs over the bodies to emerge on the other side, sword in hand and won the battle.

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Quite uncanny isn’t it?

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