The Joke's On You: When Barack Obama Humiliated Donald Trump

Revenge is the dish best served cold!

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President Donald Trump's’ victory sent waves of disbelief and awe amongst the people of United States and frankly around the whole world.  Some believed this was a deserved win while most argued this win was a huge let down. Ever wonder the driving motivation behind Donald Trump’s decision to run for presidency? Well, this very well might be the mockery and derision that was bombarded by Barack Obama in 2011 on Trump.

During an annual event at the White house correspondent’s dinner back in April 2011, it appeared President Obama had made up his mind to humiliate Donald Trump in front of the high profile crowd. Trump’s invitation to this event came after weeks of publicly bashing President Obama on television. Little did Trump know that he was about to experience one of the most unforgettable incidents of his life.  Barack Obama unleashed hell upon Donald Trump by ridiculing him in front of everyone.

Trump channeled his emotions after this humiliation and made it his living goal to run for the presidency. His efforts and controversial journey apparently did get him elected as the President of United States of America.

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