What To Eat When You Have Nothing To Eat

If we talk to foodies or night-crawlers, it is not always an easy task to find something to eat at 4 am in the morning. Let’s have a look:

Bread and nutella, Sticks and dips, Bread, Bread Butter, Bread Butter And Sauce, Biscuit sandwich, Boiled potatoes

If we talk to foodies or night-crawlers, it is not always an easy task to find something to eat at 4 am in the morning. You may dig your head inside your fridge and you may find nothing to eat. While the world is at a risk of food deficiency, we are here to give you amazing combinations of foodstuffs that will make you wonder if you should drool first or eat first. Let’s have a look:

1. Bread and nutella

http://www.italymagazine.com/sites/default/files/story/nutella_0.jpgSource: Italymagazine

Nutella has always been a favorite savior from an off-time hunger. When combined with bread loafs, waffles or even pancakes, it enhances the taste, taking it to a whole different level. The creamy and chocolaty sensation that it gives in with a flavor of sweetened butter adds up to the cherished sense of taste.

2. Sticks and dips

http://jennifersikora.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Cheese-Dip.jpgSource: Vietbao

Nachos or any crunchy snack like soya sticks can be a pleasure to have with different dips. Cheese dips, sauces, Shezwan sauce and what not add up to the list. The various dips can enrich the snack as well as stir-up your taste-buds! The lofty and creamy dip will serve as a flavor to the snack, making it an all-time favorite munching snack.

3. Bread, Butter and sauce!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8lWTHyt9vfI/VOhk1K8tRpI/AAAAAAACPaY/g_ubmzJ1o5k/s1600/1.JPGSource: Yummytummyaarthi

The sweet and salty combination of creamy butter spreading over the bread and the delish sauce frilling the bread makes lasting sensation on the taste buds. Shezwan Sauce can also do wonders over a bread and butter. Similarly, spreading peanut butter or Nutella over bread loafs or just making use of jam can be a treat.

4. Biscuit sandwich

Source: Kayscramblings

Monaco biscuits can be had with cheese slices or mayonnaise clubbed between two pieces of them. The combination creates sweet and salty flavors and a delicious delight.

5. Boiled potatoes

Source: Allrecipes

Boil some potatoes and while they’re still hot, peel them and cut them into pieces. Squeeze a lemon and sprinkle salt, pepper and other mirch-masalas to suit your pallet. Eat it sizzling and it’ll keep your tummy full for an entire afternoon!

6. Scrambled eggs

Source: Snooth

Have nobody home to make you omelets, while you have a dozen of eggs stocked up in your fridge-door? Then make scrambled eggs for yourself! Beat egg whites and yolks and stir them together with salt, butter and other spices to soothe your taste! Heat it gently on the pan while being stirred and serve yourself hot and yummy.

7. Muffins and Cup-cakes with ice-creams

Source: Recipegirl

Tip a scoop of ice cream on top of the muffins or cupcakes or any cake for that sake. If you can heat the cake prior to making this dish and garnish it with chocolate sauce, you get to experience cold creamy ice-cream mending with hot crumps of cake to enthrall you, leaving its taste on your tongue for far too long.

8. Oreo Shake

Source: Honeyandfigskitchen

Add 3 scoops of ice-cream with 3 Oreo biscuits and one cup of milk. You can add Choco-chip cookies to enhance the taste of the shake. Blend it well with a grinder. And enjoy it and experiment it with different syrups and sprinkles. And Viola! You will find the seventh heaven!

9. Whipped cream and fruits

Source: Foodnetwork

Add a bit of delight to your day with whipped cream meddling with your scoops full of fruits. The sugary sweet and creamy sensation will last on your tongue, leaving your taste-buds wanting for more.

Happy munching all of you!

Have more to this list of combinations? Let us know below!

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