What If Ross Geller From F.R.I.R.N.D.S. Was On Instargam

These Instagram posts of Ross Geller are enough to make you ROFL! #throughback #friends

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We always wonder how amazing it would be if there would have been social media in the 90s. How we would have posted every single detail about our life in social media like our boyfriends our breakups, relationships and every other happening thing! The list goes on and on…

When it comes for the 90s, no one can resist mentioning the iconic TV series F.R.I.R.N.D.S. What if they had social media during their times?

Can you just imagine them incessantly tagging each other over a cup of coffee at Central Perk?

Well, Cosmopolitan has categorically explained it by creating a series of some funny Instagram posts for Ross Geller who was a Palaeontologist in the series.

The series also speculated about other Friends cast being on the Instagram and their comments on Ross' posts.

See below and flow with the nostalgia of the most loved TV series of the 90s:

1. Woh! Check out Ross and Chandler. So Hot, aren't they?

2. So here is Mr and Mrs Geller's anniversary. The family looks adorable

3. And the name muddle brought Ross a serious problem 

4. Stop that noise...

5. Ross's professional brand

6. Okey so here is  Dady Ross with Ben and a Santa and an armadillo and... wait where is Ross?

7. Ross with a leather pant. Rachel should see this

8. Oh! We all miss Mercel

9. Ross' professional life on Instagram. Who wanna see?

10. And yes the sexiest couple of 90s, before their fights of course

All Images sourced from: cosmopolitan

Title Image: bustlecosmopolitan

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