Were You A Childhood Champ ? These 9 Games Will Test Your Claim!

W needed no ‘temple runs’ as we were happy on the playgrounds and running behind the “buddhi ka baal” vendor was much more fun than Pokemon creatures.

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During those days, our recess was not a GoT discussion period, marriage rituals were fun because we had our games and our gang. W needed no ‘temple runs’ as we were happy on the playgrounds and running behind the “buddhi ka baal” vendor was much more fun than Pokemon creatures. Here we have for you 9 genius games of your childhood to take you for a walk down the memory lane!:

1. Name, Place, Animal, Thing:

Source: oyehoye

We were soo damn intelligent, that we came up with names starting from “Z” and make our opponents insecure with those remote, never heard of {actually non-existing} places. Not to forget, the “start and stop” virtual stop clock!

2. Tic Tac Toe:

Source: crystalclearfinances

Choosing who starts the game was as fair as our elections [pun intended]! And winning in this game was directly proportional to our intelligence and social status!

3. Snake and the Ladder:

Souce: alphacoders

Fondly called as SAAP SIDHI this was the ultimate test of your luck! You needed no astrologer back then, you rolled your luck through that dice!

4. Ludo:

Source: Wikipedia

Mostly it came along with the snake and the snake and ladder, all that you wanted in those damn hotty summer vacations was friends and your ludo board!

5. Checkers:

Source: prezi

Ohh the genius required to cross those paths. It was no less than planning a war strategy!

6. Big fool:

Source: infoskep

And when you play it, you better Maintain your scores because this was the only game where in scoring a zero made you happy!!

7. Antakshari:

Source: Idiva

And the blessings bollywood bestows on us! Remember those boring pujaas and marriage rituals were fun because you had your siblings and your songs!

8. Teacher Teacher:

Source: barbie-games-online

The first career goal of mostly everyone of us was to become like that one amazing teacher we had! Remember how angry you would be when those imaginary students of yours troubled you!?

9. Ghar – Ghar:

Source: imgrum

It takes guts to admit that you played this game {especially if you are a boy} but it was undoubtedly fun! And you would not mind pairing up with that guy back then who now might be your crush!

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