We’re Not From Venus, And We Know When You’re Staring: What Women Want Men To Know

Yes, we are aware that there are black sheep ruining it for the whole creed everywhere. But reasonable women do not expect you to give up your seat.

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The “Who Knows What Women Want” jokes need to stop. Because it wouldn’t be so difficult if men just listened. But then, guys were never one to read manuals or take instructions, right?

And there’s Lesson One. Stop generalising. Every individual is unique and so are their personalities. But there are typical things women, and men, as a species do collectively. Here’s your 101 on some things that the women of the world want the men of the world to know:

1. When men stare thirty degrees South of what is termed as “eye contact”, we know.

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We’ve also heard of the argument that “that’s what men do”, and even if we accept that, try to be a little subtle, will ya?

2. Not showering, inappropriate itching, manspreading, are all not okay, especially if you use public transport.

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It has got nothing to do with gender, actually. It’s not okay for anyone.

3. Screenshot is the most-used feature on our phones.

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And everything we talk about with you will be captured, sent to friends, and analysed letter-by-letter. Deal with it.

4. We appreciate direct communication as much as you do.

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So whether or not you’re free tonight, whether or not there’ll be a second date, why you think a certain person is not the best company, TELL US. We’ve seen and known worse than you can ever imagine and we can stomach it (once we are past the “silent treatment” period).

5. Ranveer Singh can pull off anything, and (most of) you are not Ranveer Singh.

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Neither are you Peshwa Bajirao. So that ridiculous tonsure with larger-than-yourself moustaches make you look like the lowliest sepoy in his army. Period.

6. On the topic of “periods”...


Grow up and deal with it as a fact of life. And by “dealing” we don’t mean bad-mouthing any woman by cracking PMS jokes. Not funny.

7. Trying to earn brownie points with rash driving is the worst idea ever.

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Especially to the tune of some misogynistic Yo Yo or Badshah cacophony that’s blaring through your car!

8. Google “feminism” first, if you, in fact, are willing to discuss it with us.

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And be prepared to listen to some tough talk. A true feminist wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the sexism men face either.

9. Chivalry is attractive. And no matter what social media tells you, “bad boys” are not.

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Yes, we are aware that there are black sheep ruining it for the whole creed everywhere. But reasonable women (these exist, we assure you) do not expect you to give up your seat, especially after a tiring day at work.Chivalry, when it comes naturally, is charming and shows that you care.

10. We don’t derive any special pleasure from “friendzoning” you.

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It happens to us too, BTW, so stop whining. The word is an insult to heterosexual friendships everywhere.

Ladies, add to the list, share it on Facebook and educate the masses. Gentlemen, go on, the Comments section is all yours!

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