Well, Our Favourite Show Is Back With Season 6 And We Are Ready To Suit Up!

It has been a while since we saw the suave Harvey Specter hired the dynamic Mike Ross who sold weed as a hotshot lawyer at Pearson Hardman.

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He is a felon, he is a fraud and now the entire world knows it.

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It has been a while since we saw the suave Harvey Specter hired the dynamic Mike Ross who sold weed as a hotshot lawyer at Pearson Hardman which gave us a series and many characters to fall in love with. But over the seasons the show and cast underwent ups and downs, relationships and break ups, law suits and non-competes, all trying to save each other’s back while keeping this big secret that Mike never went to law school at all.

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The Season 5 finale left us in splits!

Mike made his deal with the obnoxious Anita Gibbs to save Harvey’s career, Jessica’s firm and Louis who hardly deserves this grace. Harvey decided to torture himself by tracking down the jury foreman to find out what the verdict would have been if Mike had done what he promised Rachel he’d do, the seasons would feel repeated until the jury came back with their verdict because it was "not guilty," . Well if that had happened, Mike would have gone scot-free, married Rachel and probably even had his name on the wall! But, No!

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Harvey was left at a loss of words and ideas; heartbroken and helpless making umpteen attempts to save Mike from the consequences. Harvey tried to leverage first Gibbs and then the judge to toss Mike’s deal out on the grounds that he wasn’t a real lawyer, but that went as well as expected, with no results. Harvey tries to reason it out with Mike when he asks him to be his Best Man, but they end up exchanging punches and cuss words, pretty apt to vent out the frustration of the moment.

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In between Rachel, who was mad at Mike for his brash decision against the verdict, gives in to the situation argues with her father and plans to get married before Mike goes to prison. However, Mike is at his heartless best and leaves Rachel at the altar, letting her go to lead a better life without him.

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Jessica and Louis were left facing the complete collapse of the firm they’ve both sacrificed so much for, courtesy Mike’s deal. Unfortunately, Mike pleading guilty spared Harvey and the top bosses at Pearson, but the firm as a whole didn’t fare so well and may go down for nothing. The vultures Evan, Robert Zane and others snatched up every lawyer they could swoop. Jessica gave a good speech, something about Pearson Specter Litt rising from the ashes and all that, but obviously she wasn’t counting on literally everyone leaving. People are supposed to be loyal and backing THE FIRM. But the last scenes showed that the associates fled in a hurry leaving Jess staring at empty desks and abandoned paperwork.

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Harvey dropped Mike of at the federal prison and the promos show that the prison though a white collar one might be a tough place to survive. The fact that Mike is not a lawyer anymore may hold a lot of twists in the next season.

How do you think Mike is getting out of this one? Is he even getting out of this one?

How is Harvey faring without Mike, with the guilt that he is the reason for the mess?

What will Rachel do now, wait or move on?

If the firm dissolves, what happens to Donna, Jessica and Louis?

How long will it take Hardman and Forstman take advantage of this craziness?

Will Mike be wearing Suits this season or not?

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Tonight, the season six premieres and it will answer all these questions we have been speculating about for the past many months. Stay tuned for more updates on Suits.

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