Welcome To North Korea. The Land Of Sarcasm (Not)

Weird Greeting by the Supreme General Kim Jong-un from North Korea.

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It is with great pleasure that we bring to you an elating news from the land of opportunities and freedom, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, known the world over as North Korea.

For the greater interest and welfare of the people, their Supreme Commander, the Shining Sun, General Kim Jong-un, has decreed that any indirect praise of the State in their everyday conversations by people, animals, insects and air particles mistakenly hovering in the air of the Great Nation shall be treated in a very special manner and the concerned man/woman/child/animal/larva/air particle shall be honoured with the supreme gift of a fake trial and ultimately death in the most unique manner possible.

Expressions like “This is all America’s fault”, which could constitute intolerable praise of the regime will be treated in the most special manners conceivable only to the Great Leader.

We would especially like to address the flock of tourists who are lining up to visit the Great Nation by asking them to abide by the decree and enjoy the beautiful sight of men, women and children being crushed under the able dictatorship of the Supreme Commander, in the best manner possible.

Have a great day.

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