Weeding At The Wedding: Californian Couple Say 'Till Dab Do Us Apart' At Their Cannabis- Themed Wedding!

Activists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have found ways to make weed an integral part of products and services, including weddings.

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It looked like just another wedding at the beautiful Californian beach. Only, it wasn’t.

Zak Walton and Dani Geen, now husband and wife, said ‘I do’ and puckered their lips to take a puff of potent cannabis, in lieu of their wedding kiss.

In what could be said as a first, a traditional Christian wedding was held in a weed-themed ceremony. The table at the altar was laden with pots of cannabis, a torch lighter, glass vessels known as rigs through which vapor could be inhaled. The wedding planner, Melissa Cunnigham, said, “The psychic effect you get from it is very calming. Dani and Zak want to be on the same spectrum going into their matrimony.”

Walton, the groom, rolled his joint a few minutes into his marriage along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. “I’m feeling good. Nice and relaxed, medicated,” was what he said after the first puff. In fact, he was consuming stuff even before the ceremony started. “I had some dabs at the hotel, a joint, some edibles. Not too much, not too little,” he said.

The wedding also included: bouquets and flowers infused with cannabis buds, goody bags consisting joints and cannabis vapes, cannabis munchies handcrafted to melt in mouth and a dab bar at the reception where a pot sommelier offered the guests different ways to get stoned.

The friends and family welcomed this wedding whole-heartedly and in fact, some took to ingesting it too!

The Oakland - based couple started out as being smoking buddies. “One thing led to another and here we are 12 years later,” said Walton.

The 31-year-old bride, Geen, works for Harborside Health Center, a medical cannabis dispensary. She claims to use the herb for fibromyalgia, tumours and other conditions while Zak uses it to ease backaches. “Cannabis has been my medicine and my saviour,” she said.

Like every dreamy-eyed bride, Geen wanted her wedding to be classy and with weed-infused décor and menus. Children safety was, however, kept in mind. Geen reckoned that about 60 of the 70 guests were using cannabis.

Laughing off like a stoned zombie, “I’m going to remember my night better than someone who has had a lot of alcohol,” Geen said.

The drug also did wonders for intimacy, he said. “It opens you to more sensual experiences. It allows men, especially young men, to match their sexual rhythm to a woman’s rhythm,” DeAngelo, Geen’s boss, added.

This one wedding for sure raised a bar too “high”!

Information and images sourced from theguardian.


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