Wedding Passengers ‘Hijacked’ Plane; Passengers Bribed To Offload By Jet Airways!

Wedding Party hijacks plane much to the surprise of passengers.

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Wedding passengers belonging to an ‘influential family’ and flying from Mumbai to Bhopal literally ‘hijacked’ the plane much to the shock of rest of the passengers. A wedding party of 80 people was travelling to Bhopal out of which 17 people came late. This sloppy incident caused great commotion and ruckus at the airport.

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The passengers who were given those 17 tickets in their absence were literally bribed by the Jet Airways staff, apparently to get off the plane in exchange of 10,000 Rs. This was an example of extreme unprofessionalism by the Jet Airways team. Rest of the 63 passengers who had already boarded the flight threatened the authorities that they won’t let the plane take off if the late comers of the wedding party are not included. As this wedding party had an allegiance to a powerful ‘minister’, the Jet Airways management had to succumb to the pressure and ask the rest of the passengers to deboard in exchange of money.

Reportedly around 5 passengers agreed to step off the plane in exchange for money. This hullabaloo continued for around an hour and the flight which was scheduled to land at 0710 hours, finally took off at 0800 and landed at 0910 hours.

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