“We Are Toh Like This Only”: Ingenious Things That All Indians Do And Are Proud Of!

Be it food, clothes, or restaurant etiquette, Indians have a logic of their own which is a class apart. Today we’ll tell you some super-smart Indian things.

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Be it food, clothes, or restaurant etiquette, Indians have a logic of their own which is a class apart. Today we’ll tell you some super-smart Indian things that all of us have done at some point or the other:

1. The invention of “1 by 2” of a bowl of soup or anything was invented in India...

soupSource: giphy

...because that way you have ordered soup with an extra bowl, and it gives you immense pleasure to save soup! After all, the earth needs soup and you are S(o)uperman!

2. We pocket the free toothpicks, mint packets and fennel seeds (saunf) served at restaurants.

askreddit sauce packetSource: giphy

After all it’s our birthright! We have paid right?

3. We try all the ice cream flavours for free at ice cream parlors and in the end go for the one which is our all-time favourite!  

day ice dc cream brightestyoungthingsSource: giphy

That feeling of having eaten so many free samples... you just can’t describe it right?

4. While buying vegetables at the local vendor we still ask for free coriander and ginger.

veggiesSource: giphy

Because bagging those free sprigs of dhaniya give no less joy than saving a thousand bucks!

5. We get ourselves clicked leaning against a Jaguar or a BMW and set it as your display picture on Facebook and Whatsapp!

car selfieSource: giphy

People will admire you tons after this, won’t they?

6. We keep leftover food in the fridge in as many small containers as possible...

The Simpsons homer simpson food season 3 episode 13Source: giphy

...because food shouldn’t be wasted and “Yeh khana kaam aa jayega”!

7. In every household, the kitchen shelf is full of jars and has varieties of bowls and utensils...

jarSource: giphy

...which are never used, because they function as showpieces!

8. It doesn’t matter if you have sufficient balance in your card; you still give a missed call.

someone call skype cents thingssandwichSource: giphy

9. The art of bargaining has been taught by our mothers... 

childrenSource: giphy

...who’ll also show their mastery while shopping.

10. Most of the talking with guests is not done in the house. Instead it’s done on the front door while the guest is leaving.

bye byeSource: giphy

11. When a remote is not working, you will beat the remote on your palm, lap, or the sofa to make it work...

remoteSource: giphy

...but won't change the battery until battery commits suicide with your slaps!

12. Reusable plasticware is there but we also reuse gift boxes, gift wrappers, aluminum foil and the cold drink bottles for water.

giftSource: giphy

13. Our floor-cleaning pocha once used to be our favorite T-shirt...

The Simpsons homer simpson water season 17 episode 13Source: giphy

...when the colour faded we played Holi in it, before it fulfilled its destiny as a floor mop.

14. We always ask for extra chilli flakes and oregano to add to our Maggi noodles later.

tlc chilli music 90sSource: giphy

15. Indian girls have 3 kinds of brothers- “Real” brother, Cousin Brother and a Rakhi brother- the category in which all single men lie until converted otherwise!

emily vancamp calista flockhart dave annable brothers and sisters luke macfarlaneSource: giphy

16. We worry about the price of gold without any intention of buying or selling it in the near future!

The Simpsons lisa simpson no episode 8 season 12Source: giphy

17. We go into depression when someone tells us that there was Jalebi at a party and we missed it. Such a tragedy it is!

90s 90s fashion the nanny 90s tv shows fran drescherSource: giphy

18. Checking the price tag of a dress is mandatory...

mrw tag price purseSource: giphy

...(even before seeing whether it is nice or not!)

19. We ask for the extra puri when we finish our bhel or sev-puri because it’s good for health!

anime food anime food i love food lets eatSource: giphy

20. While we are buying peanuts, we can munch at the freebies from the display area till the vendor is ready with your order. No questions asked!

anime food eating anime food piggySource: giphy

How many of these pleasures are you guilty of? Share with us in the Comments below!

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