Way To A Creative Adulthood! 8 Reasons Cartoons Made You A Genius Kidult

Here we have for you 8 reasons why cartoons gave you the best memories of your childhood! Sometimes you just need to keep it simple!

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Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did….except YOU!. But you are never too old for a POGO Show! Here we have for you 8 reasons why cartoons gave you the best memories of your childhood!

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple!:

1. Cartoon help you shove off your busy schedule

Well, when you want to act busy you can always choose a twenty minute episode of Shinchan over  45 minutes of suits! Who has time to waste on entertainment afterall? {pun intended} Cartoons are your quick go to relaxing options. It is good at times not to think too much !

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2. They are no less than art

Remember the drawing classes in school? The first masterpiece you attempted was probably that of a Mickey Mouse or some Disney character. Cartoons got your imagination going all pro! No wonder you can still draw inspiration from them.

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3. They have a moral ending thus making you a good kid!

Values and ethics…ohh the old days and mom’s lecture! But guess where you started your classes of good personality? It was Ninja Hatorri lessons which carried you through life!

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4. When in doubt, think why you started it

Need motivation? You know where to find it! If Doremon can create a whole new device to make life easy, you sure can make a discovery of your own.

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5. You get your first friendship lessons from there

You could understand what Joey and Chandler joked about only because you learnt your lessons of keeping secret puns between friends from your cartoon. You had your laughs in your groups with your fellas back then!

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6. They empower you… give you wings!

And the lessons on equality. Girls can be as bad and powerful as boys !

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7. They gave you dreams

Before you grew crazy for those high paying white collar jobs, you wanted to be one of them! You dreamed about your candyfloss stories because back then you use to imitate Cinderella! Even today you are working hard to catch Pokemons!

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8. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple!

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