This Watchman From Florida Was Fired For Posting Farting Videos On Instagram

Supposedly, he cheered up many lives through his videos.

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A watchman in Florida was fired for violating company policy by using his cell phone during work hours. Well, his actions were supposedly gross and worthy of termination.

Doug, the watchman, regularly posts photos and videos on his Instagram handle named ‘The Fart Authority’. Over the last six months, Doug has been recording and posting fart sounds on his Instagram page. He has 78 posts and over 68,000 followers. Because, not just art, people also follow fart.

The company has terminated Doug from work for using his phone on duty.

He has been recording his farts over the last six months, and has gained loyal following due to his ‘farting capabilities’. ‘Influencer Doug’.

However, the hospital authorities reported the incident after they saw rise in the Doug’s Instagram following and fired him.

Doug reportedly said, "One day I ripped a rather nice one and got really good sound from it, so the next time it happened I recorded it and sent it to my group chat."

He was earlier fired by another company for making a video of himself on a private property, while wearing his security guard uniform.

Doug goes under the pseudonym Paul Fart. The watchman in question reportedly said that, he receives messages everyday from people all around the globe saying his farting videos brighten their lives.

We don’t know about brightening, but they might bring warmth.

You can check out Doug’s page on Instagram. But remember to, not get carried away.

Information Source: timesnow

Title Image Source: timesnow

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