Watch This Painter Recreate Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ On Water!

Ebru painter recreating the surreal Vincent Van Gogh's painting!

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, Garip Ay, Ebru

Even if you don’t know as much about art as I know about quantum mechanics, you have probably heard of Vincent van Gogh. In all probability, you have also seen his painting, The Starry Night, at some point in your life.

Source: wikiart

The oil-on-canvas painting of the view from the post-Impressionist painter’s window just before sunrise is one of Western cultures most recognisable icons, and has been reproduced many times.

Turkish artist Garip Ay is an Ebru painter. Ebru, also called paper marbling, is a style of painting in which coloured pigments are sprinkled on water and the resulting design is transferred to paper.

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The process of creating Ebru is as magical as the paintings themselves, and Garip Ay attempted to paint The Starry Night using this technique.

Watch Garip create magic in this video, with a bonus painting of van Gogh himself, set beautifully to the tune of Beethoven’s equally surreal ‘Moonlight Sonata’:



Title image: youtube

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