Watch A Meat Potato Pie Soaring High Into The Space

Believe it or not a meat and potato pie was sent up in the space with a camera and it came bavk with some amazing footage of the Earth.

Potato Pie

A meat and potato pie was sent into space on thursday at about 11:30 GMT from Roby Mill, Wigan. It was claimed that the aim of the experiment was to see whether the pie's structural integrity would change after the trip to space. The person behind this unique idea was Tony Callaghan, who runs a pub ‘Fox’ in Roby Mills. Scientists from Sheffield-based company "SentIntoSpace" attached a camera and tracking equipment to the weather balloon, analysed the data and edited the video of its journey.

    Tony Callanghan (Image source: wigantoday)

Reportedly, the pie reached the height of 29 miles. It was in the air for more than two hours before the balloon came down around 38 miles away near the Forest of Bowland.

Bill Kenyon of Ultimate Purveyors from St Helens, the chef who made the pie reportedly said, "it was the first step to enable people to eat pies more comfortably and elegantly."

He believes, "Neither the sky, nor the pie, should be the limit."

 Tony Callanghan and Bill Kenyon watching the pie soaring high (image sourece:wigantoday)

When the pie came back to the earth, the footage was examined which was amazeballs!

Title image: www.indy100 

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