War Dogs: A True Story Of Two Dudes, Weed, Internet And $300 Million Worth Of Arms

This is the extraordinary tale of two normal-looking guys from Miami Beach, Florida who won defence contracts worth millions of dollars from the Pentagon.

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This is the extraordinary tale of two normal-looking guys from Miami Beach, Florida who won defence contracts worth millions of dollars from the Pentagon, became the youngest international arms-dealers in the history of modern warfare and ultimately landed up in jail.

Meet David Packouz (on the left played by Miles Teller) and Efraim Diveroli (on the right played by Jonah Hill). David was a college dropout and worked as a massage therapist while Efraim flunked school in the ninth standard, never to return and joined his family’s small-time arms business. But he dreamed to go big! He lured David into joining him in a burgeoning new defence firm that he had established to fulfil the requirements for the Bush government’s “War on Terror”. After initial setbacks, they hit it big! Armed with internet, a gift of gab and plenty of weed, the dudes scored contracts worth $300 million.

They travelled to war-friendly ammo hotspots in Europe and Asia like Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus, floated shell companies for the illegal payments with the help of international arms brokers, who by the way were all blacklisted by the US Department of State Affairs, and moved ammunition and assault rifles from one part of the world to Kabul, Afghanistan where the Govt. of USA wanted the weapons to be supplied to the Kabul Army.

They travelled to Weapons Expos around the world and frolicked with top politicians and bureaucrats.

The US Army was happy with their initial shipments because as long as the supplies worked, in any capacity and by any means, everything was hunky-dory.

Trouble knocked at their little paradise soon when a shipment of ammo to be routed through Albania, turned out to be that of Chinese origin, which was blacklisted by the US Government, and the arms dealers and brokers in Albania backed off from their deal, owing to pressure from the existing government there.

This wedged a wall of difference between the two dudes. David wanted to get out with his share and start a music company. Efraim however, wanted to give it one last chance and go out with a bang!

So, how do two young dudes in their 20s cope with an investigation by the FBI, Department of Defense and even a closed-door Senate hearing?

They don’t.

David and Efraim were charged with 71 counts of fraud and default and were sentenced to 7 months of house arrest and 4 years of jail-time respectively, reduced sentences for their cooperation with the investigation.

David (L), Efraim (R). RollingStone

They now run completely legal businesses, running travel agencies and music equipment manufacturing facilities.

Their fascinating story was adapted in a book, titled Arms and the Dudes and is now a full-blown motion picture, War Dogs, directed by Todd Philips, director of The Hangover Trilogy and starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.

Check out the trailer below:

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