Walking Suitcase! This Handsfree Suitcase Follows You Wherever You Go!

The evolution of suitcases!

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Yes, you read the news right! So for the people who travel a lot or for the people who think of their luggage as a headache, this magic suitcase is smart and will come with you wherever you go, be it the lifts, the staircase or the floor! Wondering how it works? Read on!

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A company called Travelmate Robotics has come up with this suitcase which is operated from an app on your smartphone. It moves at a speed of 10.9 km/hr and can walk with you wherever you go. The suitcase can carry an extra load on top of it and can traverse any surfaces.

Source: youtube

According to the developers, it can be positioned in both ways, vertically or horizontally and has a "whisper-quiet" motor in it that will make no noise while walking with you.

Source: youtube

The suitcase also an electrical outlet and an USB port that helps you charge your phone. It stops if it senses roadblocks and changes its direction. The crowdfunded company is awaiting production. You can, however, order it for $399!

You can also watch the video here -

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