If You Went Walking In A Straight Line West From Mumbai, Here’s What You'd Find

if you walked in a perfectly straight line from, say Mumbai towards either East or West the weather would change only because of the presence or absence of H2O.

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Remember latitudes and longitudes, those criss-cross lines you saw on the globe and forgot after middle school geography? Latitudes are the imaginary horizontal lines that run East-West from the Equator, to the North and South Poles, 0 to 90 degrees both ways.

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Did you know that places lying on the same line of latitude on the Earth have similar climates? So if you walked in a perfectly straight line from, say Mumbai (on the 19 degrees North line, technically), towards either East or West, the weather would change only because of the presence or absence of water bodies like the sea, or a major range of hills. Curious to know how the world on the same street as Mumbai looks like? Read on!

1. Anegada, British Virgin Islands

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Famous for: Horseshoe Reef, the longest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean, and a popular tourist haunt for a mind-boggling variety of flora and fauna.

2. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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Famous for: Mayan archaeological sites, mainly Chichen Itza, and natural limestone sinkholes called cenotes (pictured), used by natives for ceremonies in the past.

3. Roca Partida, Mexico

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Famous for: Marine life in the water surrounding this uninhabited islet, making it one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

4. Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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Famous for: Pleasant weather throughout the year, stunning beaches, the seat of Polynesian culture.

5. Babuyan Islands, Philippines

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Famous for: Active volcanoes like Smith Volcano (pictured) and the winter ground for humpback whales.

6. Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam

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Famous for: North Vietnamese forces allegedly attacking American destroyers, eventually leading to the infamous Vietnam War. Such a beautiful place, such bloody history!

7. ...And back to Mumbai, India

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So a lot of beaches and amazing destinations for a trip! Want more of this? Let us know in the Comments below!

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