Waking Up Early Is Painful, But Ancient Indian Science Says You Must On Narak Chaturdashi. Here’s Why!

Suffer in hell?

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The only time in your childhood you took your mom’s wakeup call seriously was on this second day of Diwali. Remember why? The threat to enter hell if you miss out on your morning bath!

However scary it sounded back then, today it makes no sense.It is All the more it is the worst compromise on your late night TV series binges. But what is so different on this day that people lay so much stress on the Holy Bath and the “Divine Time”? Well, science has an explanation and so does Mythology.

Mythical Morals:

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Mythology says that this day is a celebration of victory of good over evil. Narakasur, the demon, was the evil ruling the Earth and Krishna and his wife Satyabhama are said to have killed him for the betterment of humanity. Hence the name ‘Narakachaturdashi’. The dying Narkasur asked for a boon, “On this date, let one who takes an auspicious bath not suffer in hell” and he was granted it (hence the threat). Later when Lord Krishna returned back victorious he was given a cleansing bath by the king Nanda (hence the bath).

Sense and Science:

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The Earth on the ‘Brahmamuhurta’ period (Divine Time) emits frequencies. These frequencies consist the elements of the Absolute Fire, Water and Air in higher proportion. Hence the morning time is considered auspicious and pleasant. What also is important on this day, is the fragrant mixture ‘ubtan’ along with oil. Skin retains its elasticity with the massage and body also relaxes which adds to the pleasure of this festival.

So you’re now sure you do not want to “suffer” in hell, aren’t you?

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