Visitors Experience A Fascinating Night At Forest of Light, Descanso Gardens

The much awaited event is back and it’s an absolute treat for eyes to watch.

Descanso Gardens, Enchanted: Forest of Light, Los Angeles

Strolling around in a-broad-day-light-forest amidst the lush green aura is surely a refreshing walk one would like to experience. But, how creepy do you think it would be to stroll around in the dead-silent gloomy night?

Sounds horrifying, right? But in reality, it’s the most beautiful thing to experience, only if you are stepping into the Descanso Gardens of Los Angeles. Confused?

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Also called as the illuminated forest, every year during the holidays, the Descanso Gardens located in Los Angeles beautifully transform their ground into shimmering forest and the whole ambience is very delighted to watch. The much-awaited event started on Friday, Nov. 17 and many visitors have already experienced an exuberant time.

The final day of the event is announced to be Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018.

What heavenly feeling it must be, of walking under the “Starlight Garden”

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Lights rimmed around the tree, “Symphony Of Oaks”

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A beautiful pattern is drawn from the game of light and shadow, “Celestial Shadows”

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Bending and making its way through like a snake, “Luminous Lawn”.

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Floating in the air are the hues of orange and yellow, “Garden Of Good Fortune”.

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Bright colours throwing the beam of glitter towards you, “Ancient Forest”

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As good as a real, as illuminated as a star, “Flower Power”.

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Mounted are the pillars that sparkle brightly with colours blended in rainbow light, “Rainbow Sycamores”.

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Enchanting, isn’t it?

Information source: descansogardens, nbclosangeleshindustantimes

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