Vintage Songs Of Our Favorite Cartoon TV Shows That Made Our Childhood Memorable

TV has evolved a lot since 2000’s- from sturdy TV sets with black & white pixels to radiant colours to the ultimate 3-dimensional slim TV of HD format.

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TV has evolved a lot since 2000’s- from sturdy TV sets with black & white pixels to radiant colours to the ultimate 3-dimensional slim TV of HD format. Technology has changed drastically and TV shows are no exception. We all have our favorites and least favorites daily runners. Sitting through the title theme and closing credit music till the end of the show was the norm as the ability to pause, stop and record a running TV show was non existent.

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Lack of technology made fans of the show into total geeks who not only memorized the bios of every character of the show but knew all the lyrics to the title song as well. Every time the show aired, we all jumped out and did a sing along with the title track thus making the experience even more fun. Let’s take a look at some of these songs and see how many can we still sing along with!

1. Duck Tales

Duck Tales was an absolute favorite in the 90’s. It didn’t matter whether you had dedicated cartoon channels back in the day or not, this show was bought and aired by other channels during their Kid's Hour on demand. Enthralling adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews alongside Goofy were an absolute treat for every Disney fan.

2. Talespin

Ask 90’s kids if they remember this show and they will tell you how awesome it really was. Talespin was one of those shows which had crazy airplane action, comedy and a touch of reality. It is really not possible to use all these elements and create a better cartoon than Talespin. It was not only entertaining but also educational.

3. Pokemon

Pokemon was the show that made everyone an anime fan and also paved way for more shows of its kind. Pokemon was arguably the most successful anime of its time. Its radically new concept and merchandise was truly a trendsetter for everyone. Nostalgia trip for everyone who remembers buying Cheetos and Alpenliebe for the collectible Tazos, Pokemon cards, Twisters and what not. Those were the things that truly gave us bragging rights.

4. Beyblade

The jazzy top that came with a monster inside, called a Bitbeast. Beyblade was exciting, fun and truly depicted the kind of life every kid would dream of having. A world where you could compete with your Beyblades and the beast would also be your best friend! Truly fascinating!

5. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball was by far the most influential anime show to hit the TV screens. Everybody wanted to be like Goku and Vegeta. To this day, Dragon Ball’s fan following continues to increase. Fans are eyeing with great anticipation the brand new sequel, Dragon Ball Super. Nobody knows what Dragon Ball Super is going to be like, but Dragon Ball Z is still everyone’s favourite.

6. He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe

‘I have the power’ That’s what we all used to yell every time He-Man pulled out his mighty sword to banish evil from the face of the earth. He was, by far, the strongest being in the universe. Although Superman existed much before He-Man, He-Man was the reigning hero for 90’s Indian children.

7. Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo was seriously stylish and everybody was crazy about it. If you had a backpack or lunch box with Scooby Dooby Doo on it, you were certainly considered as the coolest kid and sometimes the object of envy too! Whatever be the case, the adventures of Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc, with the catchy title track are forever etched in our minds!

8. Powerpuff Girls

It does not matter whether you are a guy or a girl, Powerpuff Girls were universally adored and the title track was known to everyone. While guys had a hard time acknowledging their love for the girls made of “sugar, spice and everything nice”, we all knew these girls were tough! Powerpuff Girls had everything: kickass action, comedy, and villains who were at once despicable but pathetic. Who can forget “Mojo Jojo”?

9. Naruto

This list would have forever remained incomplete had we missed out our favourite Ninja Naruto. Naruto was that Anime that truly showcased the wits behind the storytelling excellence of Anime. This show still gets reruns on TV and has the craziest fan base of all. The opening track ‘We are fighting dreamers’ still sends chills down our spines! 

So which of these shows did you love the most? Did we miss out on anything? Tell us in the comments!

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