Here’s Why We Think Vikas Khanna Is The Man Of Motivation!

From selling chhola bhatura to serving NYC, an overview of Vikas's successful journey!

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At a tender age of 17, this small boy of Amritsar planted the seeds of achieving a dream that most of us fail to sow. Entrepreneurship and accomplishment got imprinted on his success dairy when he stepped out of his town and followed his passion for cooking in the city of New York.

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Needless to say, Vikas is the most influential personality who has redefined the world of culinary and I can vouch on that, when I say that.

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Born in a Punjabi family with misaligned feet, Vikas then couldn’t walk and run like others kids of his age did. He stayed in the kitchen with his Granny whom he affectionately addresses as- Biji. At an young age of 6, confined inside the walls of kitchen, he explored the beautiful world of culinary which has now led him to the path of a Michelin-star restaurant in NYC.

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When he was 16, he along with his mother made 580 blue coloured sweaters for school kids, the sweaters generated a revenue of approx. 9000/- which he invested in his first business and got chairs, tables, plates, spoons and a tandoor.

He started his first restaurant named ‘Lawrence Garden’ in the open garden of his house. The business faced a major loss but his mother stood by him in the time of turbulence.

Vikas didn’t give up, he took the plunge, pursued his education in culinary art and went to New York.

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On 2nd December 2000, Vikas landed in New York with no acquaintance and plan in his mind. The life there wasn’t simpler at all. On the eve of Christmas with three dollars in the pocket, Vikas was sheltered in New York rescue mission where he was offered a blanket and a roof.

Leaving this hardship filled life and going back home did cross his mind but it was his perseverance that drew him towards achieving what he always dreamt of.

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Well, by the virtue of perseverance he aced in the world of food and reached a paramount height of success. Today he is a Michelin starred chef, author of various books and a filmmaker (documentary films).  

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Rekindling the book he had read of Richard Bach’s, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Vikas says he was told by his brother to be like a seagull. Because no matter how high you fly you always have to come back home and stay grounded!

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Vikas’s success story has crammed our mind with inspiration and heart with adulation.

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